Pay money To my Pain: Complete Box Set—10 years from Drop of Ink
Art direction and design
Produced by Pay money To my Pain
A&R: Kentaro Tanaka (Vap Inc.)
Photographs: Daisuke Ishizaka (Hatos, Normalization), JOE (respect), Yoshifumi Shimizu
Photo gallery: From T$UYO$HI’s MacBook (photo by T$UYO$HI and his friends)
Lowbrow art: Texta (Radiall), Horimatsu, Mantalow (SOWLKVE)
Interview and Text: Yuichi Masuda
Coordination: Satoshi Kondo (Sony Music Communications)
Type: Box Set (4 CD albums, 1 CD singles and B-side, 2 blu-ray, 1 vinyl LP, T-shirt, poster, 72-page booklet and more.)
Cliant: Vap Inc.

©1999-2020 Hatos Inc. All rights reserved.

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