+81: Vol.37—Craft Graphic issue
(Introduction, Contents, Stanley Donwood, Thomas Campbell, Deanne Cheuk, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Nuts Art Works, New Bohemia and Craft is Love.)

3D work amd editorial design
Creative direction: Satoru Yamashita
Editing (Editor in chief): Nahoko Mori
Interview, text and translation: Nahoko Mori, Junko Fuwa, Ken Goto, Tomoko Sakurai and Aya Muto
Text: Taku Takemura
Translation: Luke Baker
Photograph: Tomoko Suwa (Stanley Donwood), Ken Goto (Thomas Campbell, New Bohemia P68, 74, 75), Atsuko Tanaka (Deanne Cheuk and Tomokazu Matsuyama), Daisuke Ishizaka (Nuts Art Works) and Laura Flippen (New Bohemia P72)
Type: Magazine
Cliant: D.D. Wave Co., Ltd.

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